How to remotely download PS5 games through Playstation App?

To remotely download PS5 games through Playstation App in 2022

With new games being released regularly, the question of how to download those games while out doing chores and play them as soon as you get home arises. Because no one wants to wait long for their games to download, and because time is money, the company has created an amazing feature for you. The latest PlayStation app update now allows users to download PS5 games remotely. Previously, it was the other way around. Owners of the PS4 and PS5 can now download games from anywhere as long as the consoles have free storage and are connected to a good internet connection.

Users can now save, manage storage, and delete other media files from their PS5 consoles with the updated App. For the time being, this feature is not available for the PlayStation 4. This can be accomplished by downloading and installing the PlayStation app for Android and iOS.

How to remotely download PS5 games through App?

The PlayStation app for Android and iOS makes it simple to download games. You need to make sure your console has an active internet connection and is in rest mode rather than fully powered down. When you first purchase games and apps through the PlayStation app, you will be able to download them to your console.

  • Download the PlayStation App for iOS or Android and connect it to your console using the setup wizard.
  • When finished, launch the App and navigate to the Game Library tab.
  • Purchased Tap in
  • Look for the game you want to install on your console and select it.
  • To begin downloading, select Download to Console.
  • You will be notified once the game has been fully installed.

The download time will be determined by the size of the game and your internet connection speed.

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