How to switch languages using the Android Gboard keyboard?

To switch languages using the Android Gboard keyboard in 2022

Do you enjoy learning and using new languages to communicate with your family in that language? If this is the case, you may encounter some difficulties, particularly if the language you use has alphabets and accents that your primary language does not. In this case, you can use the Android Gboard keyboard to add a software keyboard to your phone.

Google’s standard Gboard Keyboard, which includes multiple language keyboards, is the most versatile and widely used. The company revealed that it offers 500 languages and 50 different writing systems. If you have primarily installed Gboard, it may support the language of the region you live in; however, it is very simple to add one or more keyboards and switch from one language to another as desired.

How to switch languages using the Android Gboard keyboard?

So, if you want to install and use multiple keyboards for different languages, here’s what you can do.

First Method:

To begin, navigate to the “languages” page.

  • Open an email or chat window and type something into it.
  • Now, tap on the settings icon above the keyboard where you wrote the text. If you can’t find it, tap the arrow above it to open the toolbar.
  • Now select “Languages.”

Second Method:

  1. Navigate to the settings menu.
  2. Choose “System.”
  3. Choose “Languages & input” > “Gboard” > “Languages” > “On-screen keyboard.”
  4. At the bottom of the page, click “Add a keyboard.”
  5. Please select the language you want to add and tap it.
  6. On top of the screen, you can select from a list of several types of keyboards based on the language. (For example, you may be able to choose a QWERTY or Dvorak keyboard and set handwriting preferences.)
  7. On the same page, under “Language settings,” there is a “Multilingual typing” option that provides word suggestions in multiple languages as you type.
  8. When you’re done, press the “Done” button.
  9. The language of the keyboard will now be displayed on the space bar.
  10. Instead of the emoji icon, there will be a globe icon to the keyboard’s left. To switch keyboards, tap the globe; your keyboard will move to the next in line.

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