How to Turn Off Location Access for Apps on iPhone

To Turn Off Location Access for Apps on iPhone in 2022

Both Android and iPhone devices use data services, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS to store your location. Because our lives revolve around our smartphones most of the time, our location is stored on the device. This information is very useful because it can be used to track your device if it is stolen. However, because the data is collected by third-party apps/companies, it is sometimes misused, raising privacy concerns. As a result, most people are dissatisfied with its positive aspects of it. So there is good news in that case! To prevent such malicious apps from accessing your location, you can tighten your privacy controls. This tutorial will show you how to Turn Off Location Access for Apps on the iPhone.

The steps below are based on the iPhone 11 running iOS 15, but if you use other versions of iOS, there will not be much of a difference and only a minor change in the steps.

 Turn Off Location Access for Apps on iPhone.

Some apps, such as Daraz, Amazon, and others, require location data, while others, such as maps, Careem, Uber, and others, do not. However, such apps may occasionally request information from you for which sharing data is not required. In this case, the app’s location service can be disabled.

To disable location sharing, complete the following steps:

  • Navigate to the device’s Settings.
  • Tap “Privacy” and then “Location Services.”
  • If you don’t want to turn off all location services, leave “Location Services” turned on.
  • Scroll down to find the apps that have location services enabled. You will see a list of permission options, such as “Never,” “When Shared,” or “While Using.” “When Shared” indicates that the app should prompt you the next time you share your location. “While Using” refers to when you are specifically using that app, but it does not imply that the app should not share your information with any other app.
  • Click on the app listing if you want to change an app’s access to your location data.

The options listed above were different options for allowing location sharing for specific apps. More possibilities for limiting location access can be found by clicking on “System Services” at the bottom of the “Location Services” screen. You’ll be taken to a new window where you can toggle/untangle location access for various things like WiFi, time zone, emergency calls, and Apple News and App Store ads.

This is not the end of the story. There are small arrows on the left side of some toggles. The hollow arrow indicates that the apps may be using your location data. In contrast, the purple arrow indicates that the app has recently used your location, and the grey hand suggests it has used your place in the last 24 hours.

To see if a specific app is collecting location data from your devices, go to the “system service” screen at the bottom and toggle the “Status Bar Icon” toggle on. Wherever the phone is accessing the location, an arrow will appear at the top of the screen.

If you do not want your device to collect any location data, you can disable it completely:

Navigate to Settings.
Navigate to “Privacy” and then “Location Services.”
Toggle the “Location Services” switch to the off position.
At this point, you will receive a notification stating that because you have disabled the toggle service for all apps, it will temporarily enable itself when you use “Find My iPhone” and report your phone as lost. It is now up to you to either turn on or turn off the feature.

How to Share Your Location with Individuals?

So, if you are travelling alone in a ride-hailing service, especially in Pakistan, we want to notify our family members so that we can share the location in real-time. In this case, you must have iOS 13 or later to share your site with family and friends using the Find My app.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Navigate to “Privacy” and ensure that “Location Services” is enabled.
  • Return to the main “Settings” menu and select your name at the top.
  • Choose “Find Me.”
  • Toggle “Share My Location” to the on position.
  • Then launch the Find My app. If you are using the app for the first time, it will ask you if you want it to access your location. Select “Allow While Using App,” “Allow Once,” or “Don’t Allow.”
  • You may see a screen stating that “Find My” can be used with an AirTag or AirPods and that apps for the watchOS are also available.
  • Select “People” at the bottom of the map screen that appears.
  • Click the “Start Sharing Location” button.
  • Enter your friend’s or family member’s phone number or name in the “To:” field.
  • A pop-up will appear if the person you choose has a phone number that isn’t associated with an iPhone. (However, you may still share your location.)
    Select “Share for One Hour,” “Share Until End of Day,” or “Share Indefinitely” after tapping “Send.”

It will now begin sharing your location with the people you specified. To disable it, click on the name of a contact with whom you shared the area. In Find My App, tap the contact’s name and then “Stop Sharing My Location.” Now, confirm your action by clicking the pop-up button.

How to Send Recurring Notification:

One of the most useful features is the ability to send recurring notifications. This feature is extremely useful when you want your friends or family to be notified when you arrive at a specific location.

It would be best if you did the following to accomplish this:

  • Tap the “People” tab at the bottom of the screen in the “Find My” app.
  • Choose the person to whom you want to send notifications. This individual should be someone with whom you already share your location.
  • Scroll down to the “Notifications” and “Add.” tabs.
  • You will be given the option to notify that person via a pop-up at the bottom. Choose it.

When you’re finished, you can notify a specific person when you arrive in a particular location and send the notification whenever you arrive and leave to let them know you’ve come safely home.

This was the most comprehensive iPhone location sharing guide. Please leave it in the comments section below if you have anything to add.

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