How to turn yourself into Cartoon in the Next Zoom Call?

To turn yourself into Cartoon in the Next Zoom Call in 2022

Want to spice up your next Zoom call with some levity and hilarity? If so, you can transform yourself into a cartoon that resembles you. This will not only make your conversation more interesting, but it will also astound your virtual meetup buddies. So, by transforming yourself into the cutest cartoon, you can make your conversation quite amusing, and you can do so with the help of Snapchat.

The Snap camera app is a lot of fun to use, and they recently added a cartoon filter that everyone loves. By applying this filter, you will transform into a generic DreamWorks or Pixar creation.

The best thing about this filter is that it can capture your entire range of expressions, which isn’t always perfect, but it makes you look cartoonish. If you use the desktop app to access this filter, it means you can now use it on your next Zoom call, which is quite amusing and interactive.

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To do so, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • Download/ Install the Snap Camera App:

First and foremost, you must install the Snap Camera app on your desktop. To use the tool, you must have Windows 10 or macOS 10.13 installed. When you download it, it will request access to your microphone and camera in order for it to function properly.

  • Done with Downloading? Try the Cartoon Camera Lens:

After you’ve finished configuring the app after downloading it, you’ll need to find a new cartoon filter and apply it. This cartoon filter can be found in the filters menu below the screen on the right side, just beside the main screen. You should experiment with the filters; the one that transforms you into an animated character in real time is the one we want you to use.

  • Make Snap Camera your default camera input in Zoom:

When you’re finished configuring this filter, you should make the Snap camera tool your default Zoom input. To do so, navigate to Zoom settings and look for the camera input options, as shown below. You can also disable any Snapfilter in the future from this setting. You can also use the settings such as virtual background and video filters in conjunction with the Snap Camera filter video output to add more effects if desired.

What’s Next?

When you finish selecting Snap Camera input, your Disney cartoon character will appear in Zoom’s preview viewfinder.

You will now be visible as your Pixar avatar whenever you start a new meeting or join an existing one.

However, sometimes you can’t attend a meeting looking like a cartoon, so to turn the effect off during an ongoing meeting, users can simply select the arrow next to the ‘Stop Video’ button and switch to their webcam output directly in the subsequent options.

Isn’t it incredible? Unfortunately, I don’t have Windows 10, so I can’t test it right now, but I will in a few days. Have you ever tried it? How did you find the experience? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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