How to Edit a Video on an iPad While Using an External SSD

To Edit a Video on an iPad While Using an External SSD in 2022

There has always been a limit to how much space the mobile video content creators can use on their devices. But with recent changes to the iPad, iPad, and some of the most popular apps, making and editing videos on external storage is now possible. It is now possible to import, edit, and export a 4K HDR project or video on an SSD without storing it on your iPad Air or iPad Pro. This means you don’t have to have a lot of space on your iPad. These changes are a big deal for people who make things on their phones or iPads. When editing a video on an iPad, you can do it with the help of an external hard drive.

What is Needed for Video Editing on an iPad While Using an External SSD

It will be done on a 2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a Thunderbolt 3 port that can connect blazing-fast external media. The use of a USB-C hub lets us connect both the camera and the SD card simultaneously. As long as both of them are connected, you can move footage from your camera to your SD card right from the camera.

Finally, a source of the footage must be found that can be taken from the iPad (already in the Photos app). If you’re taking photos with a camera, you can send them wirelessly or through USB-C.

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How to Create the External Workflow

People use their phones and tablets to do things.

If the camera can send pictures wirelessly, the hub doesn’t need to be used. Instead, the SSD can be connected directly to the iPad. To work on the files, they need to copy them to a folder on your SSD and move them there. Once the video clips and photos are transferred to the drive, the editing can begin. This is how it works:

Tap the “new project” button in the lower-left corner of LumaFusion to start a new project. You need to make sure that editing on the external drive is on. You can do this by going to the settings. These files will not be stored on the iPad. They will stay where they were copied from.

When the video is finished and edited, it needs to be sent to someone else. LumaFusion has a wide range of output settings that can be changed based on personal preference and choice. The most important thing is where to put them. Storage on the iPad is reduced if the external drive is an SSD. The data is saved directly to the external drive and not on the iPad’s storage.

The movie will be imported, edited, and exported without taking up any of your own space by the time the whole production is done. Pad

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