How to Restore Deleted Photos and Videos From Google Photos

To Restore Deleted Photos and Videos From Google Photos in 2022

Google Photos is one of the best platforms because it not only helps you store your photos in the right place, but it also helps you remember your past when you open the platform. As a result, it stores your photos with the date and years they were taken. Later on, it will also send you a video full of your pictures to help you remember all the beautiful times you have gone through in the past. This cloud storage service is mostly used by people who use Android and the Pixel. They use it to store their photos and videos. I’ve used this platform to store old photos that I want to keep safe. The best thing about it is that you can use any device to get into this platform if you remember the password. It tells you how to get back deleted photos and videos from Google Photos.

Purely, it stores photos and organises them by faces, places, time, and many other things. If you delete a picture, it will stay in the trash for 60 days if you change your mind and want it back. However, after 60 days, you won’t be able to get them back because they will be permanently removed from the system. Google Photos Back up and sync must be on for this to work.

How to restore deleted photos and videos from Google Photos

Check to see if your deleted photos are still in the trash. Then, if you want to get them back, you need to look in the garbage to see if they are there. To find an app, look for it in the trash folder on the app that you use. If you don’t find your videos and photos, you can’t get them back because more than 60 days have passed. Sixty days have passed, and you still can’t find your deleted photos and videos. If you had deleted them from the trash folder, you’d be sure to find them now. Those photos and videos can’t be restored if they were moved to the trash folder more than 30 days ago on the phone with Android 11 or later, and it wasn’t backed up at all, so they can never be restored. This process will also fail if the trash folder is permanently deleted or if the content is deleted from the device’s gallery without saving it to the cloud.

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So if the content you want to get back is in the trash folder of Google Photos, you can follow the steps below to get it back from your Android phone or web browser.

Here’s how to recover deleted photos through the Google Photos app:

  • Google Photos is on your Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone, or iPad. You can open the app.
    Right below, click on “Library.”
  • You will get a lot of folders. Now, click on the Trash folder on the left side of the screen.
  • Look at them to see that the photos and videos need to be restored.
    Tap and hold that picture or video for a while. At the bottom, you will see a Restore option so that you can get it back.
  • Press it, and it will ask for your answer. Allow.
  • That’s all! Photos and videos will be moved back to the phone’s Gallery app, Google Photos, and the albums they were in.

Here’s how to recover deleted photos through Google Photos for Desktop:

  • To go to, you can type that address into your computer’s address bar:
  • On the left side of the window, click on the Trash folder to get rid of things.
  • Make sure your cursor is over the picture or video you want to save, then click Select.
    At the top right, click Restore to start the process over again.
  • That picture or video will be added back to your Google Photos account and any albums it was in.

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