90% of Pakistani Athletes Cheat Using Banned Substances to Enhance Performance

90% of Pakistani Athletes Cheat Using Banned Substances to Enhance Performance in 2022

According to a committee formed by the Pakistan Olympic Association to deal with doping violations, 90 percent of athletes used prohibited performance-enhancing drugs despite being fully aware of their use.

The Pakistan Olympics Association formed a committee to monitor the situation after seven Kabaddi players failed dope tests during the National Kabaddi Championship in Lahore. In a statement on the cases, a member of the committee stated that the issues were not caused by a lack of awareness about the banned substances because 90 percent of the athletes knowingly abused performance-enhancing drugs.

He went on to say that the lack of a WADA-certified laboratory in the country has exacerbated the situation, making it difficult to conduct frequent testing. The committee member suggested that the Pakistan Sports Board either set up a WADA-certified laboratory in Pakistan or advise the government to provide financial resources to respective sports federations in order for samples to be sent abroad for timely testing.

Although the committee believes that the players involved in the violation were fully aware of the ban on performance-enhancing substances, the management of sports federations have been directed to provide detailed information to the players prior to international competitions.

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