Wahab Riaz Hopeful That Departmental Cricket is Coming Back

Wahab Riaz Hopeful That Departmental Cricket is Coming Back in 2022

Wahab Riaz, Pakistan’s experienced pacer, is hopeful that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will reinstate departmental cricket rather than regional cricket in accordance with the newly formed government’s directives.

Wahab believes that departmental cricket is far superior to the current system of six regional teams. He stated that he, too, is a product of departmental cricket and that the previous setup provided Pakistan with some of the game’s biggest superstars.

The 36-year-old backed departmental cricket, claiming that not only is it good for Pakistan cricket, but it is also good for domestic players, who will be paid by the departments and will have job security.

Three years ago, the transition from departmental to regional cricket was made. Regional cricket was the brainchild of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who believed that it would increase competitiveness, pique fans’ interest, and provide Pakistan with more polished players.

While the concept was successful in many ways, former and current players, including Wahab, expressed their dissatisfaction with the closure of the departmental teams, citing financial hardship.

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