Confirmed: MG to Begin Full Scale Local Assembly Soon

MG to Begin Full Scale Local Assembly Soon in 2022

MG has received the most attention and interest among Pakistan’s new automakers for various reasons. One of these reasons is the introduction of locally manufactured MG vehicles in Pakistan.

Fortunately, that time is approaching, as MG has announced that commercial-scale local assembly will begin soon. A senior MG official who requested anonymity recently confirmed to ProPakistani that the company would start locally assembling its vehicles in the second half of 2022.

Progress So Far

He emphasized that MG has already invested $100 million in this project. It has already committed $86 million to the factory and is actively spending the remaining $14 million to complete it.

According to the official, the company is collaborating closely with the Engineering Development Board (EDB) and is incorporating their recommendations to begin assembly as soon as possible. He also stated:

MG to Begin Full Scale Local Assembly Soon
MG to Begin Full-Scale Local Assembly Soon

To assemble cars in Pakistan, each automaker requires four basic components: a welding section, a paint shop, an assembly line, and a testing section for complete quality control. Our facility is 90% finished. The remaining distance is the home stretch, which is always the most important and resource-intensive.

According to the official, MG has already assembled and tested several MG HS units in their local assembling facility, and “once they go on sale, customers will not be able to tell the difference in terms of quality between the local version and the Completely Built-Up (CBU) version.”

What’s Next?

MG has only sold CBU vehicles in Pakistan so far. The recent increase in tax rates, freight costs, and local currency depreciation prompted the automaker to announce a significant price increase for its most popular SUV, the MG HS.

According to market sources, recent price increases have severely harmed demand for HS. According to the senior official, MG will launch the locally assembled HS at a competitive market price to reclaim its market share. He concluded that MG would begin selling locally produced HS units in Pakistan soon after the local assembly began.

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