Dutch Coach of National Team Reveals What’s Wrong With Pakistan Hockey

Dutch Coach of National Team Reveals What’s Wrong With Pakistan Hockey in 2022

Siegfried Aikman, the coach of Pakistan’s national hockey team, believes that the country’s current hockey scenario requires a complete overhaul to compete with the world’s top nations. Aikman stated that to return to the top of the rankings, the entire hockey setup must adapt to the modern game rather than clinging to past glory.

He stated that the game of hockey had changed drastically in recent years. He noted that his job is to teach the players the modern game’s technique and tactics because they are completely unaware of its new demands.

Since his appointment in December 2021, the Dutch coach believes the team has made significant progress. He expressed gratitude to the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) for their assistance and efforts in raising the standard of hockey in the country.

“I am pleased with the PHF, which is doing its best.” We don’t have sponsors or money, but we’re hoping that things will improve with time,” Aikman said to the media.

The 62-year-old also stated that the players would be subjected to a rigorous training regimen to improve their fitness levels. He said that developing players’ fitness to meet the demands of today’s game will take time, and fans should not expect significant results right away.

Aikman was appointed national team coach late last year, and it appears that the PHF is willing to invest their time in the Dutch coach, as he was signed on to a five-year contract. According to reports, Aikman has been given complete authority over team preparation and selection, with little interference from the selection committee.

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