U19 Head Coach Blames ‘Weak Mental Strength’ of Players for World Cup Loss

U19 Head Coach Blames ‘Weak Mental Strength’ of Players for World Cup Loss in 2022

The management of the U-19 team has failed to explain the reasons for their team’s failure in the recently concluded U-19 World Cup. The chief selector and team manager have reportedly blamed the team’s poor performance in the knockout stage on head coach Ijaz Ahmad. The head coach, who is being held accountable for the chaos, has blamed the players.

After Pakistan failed to reach the semi-finals of the U-19 World Cup 2022, the PCB formed an inquiry committee to identify the flaws in the junior team setup. The committee summoned the head coach, chief selector, and manager to provide written statements individually. According to reports, the chief selector has declared himself irresponsible, revealing that the opening pair chosen for the mega-event did not play in the big match and that the spinners were not used as planned.

The manager has also claimed that he had no say in the team’s pre-match planning and selection. He stated in his performance review that he was not included in the team group and that his opinion was not taken into account during planning.

According to sources, the U-19 head coach has stated that the poor performance in pressure situations is due to the players’ lack of mental strength from disadvantaged areas. The explanations did not convince the inquiry committee, including Faisal Hasnain, Nadeem Khan, and Zakir Khan.

Pakistan was knocked out of the U-19 World Cup 2021-22 in the West Indies after losing to Australia in the quarter-finals.

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