Universities and Schools to Cooperate for Enhanced STEAM Learning

Universities and Schools to Cooperate for Enhanced STEAM Learning in 2022

As part of the STEAM Learning Project, the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training signed a Letter of Understanding (LoU) with universities recognized by the Higher Education Commission to improve STEAM learning in schools.

The overall goal of the SEAM Pakistan Project is to improve the learning outcomes of students enrolled in government schools across the country, with a particular emphasis on potential collaboration models between schools and partners such as universities, industry, start-ups, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and communities to improve the mathematics and science learning experience.

Over 100,000 school students and 5,000 government and private school teachers will directly benefit from this partnership program over the next year, to scale it up countrywide by 2025. This collaboration will allow each participating university to support middle and high school students through various activities such as Math Circles, Teacher Baithaks, STEAM Camps, STEAM Clubs, STEAM Safer, and speaker sessions held at the partner schools.

The ministry will provide technical assistance to the partner universities, as well as liaison with federal and provincial School Education departments, as well as develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework for assessing and improving program design and delivery. The ministry will also provide monthly updates on activities at all partner universities, schools, and regions.

According to Federal Education Secretary Naheed Durrani, this project will help students develop cognitive and critical thinking skills through targeted sessions and activities. This program will not only inspire students, teachers, and leaders, but it will also help university students who help develop and implement activities build confidence and communication skills.

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