How to Auto Delete OTP Messages After 24 Hours on Android

To Auto Delete OTP Messages After 24 Hours on Android in 2022

You may be familiar with OTP messages if you use banking services on your computer. OTP, or One Time Password, is a method of authentication in which an SMS with a secret code is sent to your registered phone.

OTPs are used everywhere, from logging into social networking sites to verifying credentials for fund transfers. This fantastic security feature is far more secure than using only user-created passwords.

User-generated or static passwords can be used multiple times without requiring your phone, whereas an OTP requires you to have your phone on hand to receive the secret code. The incredible thing about OTP is that the code sent via SMS expires once used.

So, if your smartphone is clogged with expired OTP messages, you can choose to delete them. Google Message introduced an exciting feature that auto-deletes one-time passwords after 24 hours to simplify the delete process and declutter the SMS inbox.

Steps to Auto-Delete OTP Messages After 24 Hours on Android

As a result, if you want to free up some storage space on your smartphone and declutter your SMS inbox, you should enable Auto-Delete for OTP messages in the Google Messages app. Here’s how to activate the feature.

  1. Begin by searching for Google Messages in the Google Play Store. Then, from the list of apps, open Google Messages and update the app.
  2. Now, open the Google Messages app on your device and tap the three dots as shown below.
  3. Select Settings from the list of options that appears.
  4. On the Settings page, select General Settings, as shown below.
  5. Then, as shown below, scroll down and tap on the Message organization option.
  6. Scroll down on the Message organization page and turn on the ‘Auto-delete OTPs after 24 hours’ toggle.

That’s all! You have completed your task. This is how you can set an Android device to delete OTP messages after 24 hours.

Other Ways to Increase Security?

Aside from OTP, theyou can takefew other steps youprotect your online and banking accounts. For example, you can defeat hackers by creating a super-secure password for your online accounts.

You can also protect your social networking sites by enabling two-factor authentication. On Pktopweb, we’ve already shared a detailed guide on enabling two-factor authentication on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among other platforms. So, make sure to read those guides to improve the security of your online accounts.

One-time passwords were necessary, but once used, they became invalid. As a result, deleting those messages to clear your SMS inbox makes sense. I hope you found this article useful! Please forward it to your friends as well. Please leave them in the comments section below if you have any questions.

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