Is Changan’s New Mini Electric Car Coming to Pakistan?

Is Changan’s New Mini Electric Car Coming to Pakistan in 2022

Changan Lumin Corn Electric Vehicle (EV), like the Wuling Honguang Mini EV, has become an internet sensation. Its small stature and charming appearance have piqued the interest of many car enthusiasts in Pakistan.

Changan intends to market it in China as a low-cost alternative to the Mini EV. What you need to know about the EV is as follows:


The Lumin Corn EV competes directly with SAIC’s Wuling Honguang Mini EV, currently China’s best-selling car. Changan will market and sell the small EV under Avatar Technology, a collaboration between Changan, Huawei, and CATL.

Lumin Corn has two powertrain options: one that produces 41 horsepower (hp) and the other that produces 48 hp. The 41 hp variant uses a Gotion Hightech Lithium Ferrophosphate (LFP) battery, while the 48 hp variant uses a CATL LFP battery.

The company has yet to reveal the rest of the details, such as the launch date, price, and features.

Comparison with Wuling Mini EV

The unveiling of the Lumin Corn has prompted enthusiasts to draw parallels with the Wuling Honguang Mini EV.

It is worth noting that the Mini EV performs one level lower than the Lumin Corn. It’s a small, light city car with limited powertrain options. Here’s how they stack up:

Lumin Corn also has features like power windows, climate control, an infotainment system, and other amenities, as seen in the photos. The Mini EV also has standard features like ABS brakes, tire pressure monitoring, rear parking, air conditioning, power windows, a stereo system, and 12 storage compartments.

Is it Coming to Pakistan?

Some web-based platforms claim that the company will soon launch the small EV in Pakistan, which is untrue. The Lumin Corn has yet to be found in China, where it will compete with its best-selling car, the Mini EV.

To meet the rising demand for EVs, Changan would need to build and sell them in large quantities in China, a left-hand-drive car market. This implies that Changan’s focus for this EV will be solely on the Chinese auto market.

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