Instagram is Changing How it Ranks Original Content

Instagram is Changing How it Ranks Original Content in 2022

Instagram has made another change to its algorithm, changing how it ranks content to “value original content more.”

Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri, recently announced the change in a video on Twitter, claiming that it was in line with Meta’s broader goal of empowering creators.

Mosseri stated,

If you create something from scratch, you should be given more credit than if you reshape something that someone else made. We will do more to try to value original content more than reposted content.

Mosseri went on to say that while the social platform already prioritizes original content, it is “becoming increasingly important that [we] don’t overvalue aggregators.”

He went on to say that while the company is doing its best to ‘predict’ whether a published photo or video is original content, it “cannot know for sure.”

An Instagram spokesperson told TechCrunch that the platform’s ranking algorithm will now prioritize ‘original content,,’ particularly for the Reels and Feed tabs, over reposted content.

The move comes after Instagram made significant efforts to encourage creators to post original content on its platform rather than editing and re-sharing videos from TikTok or other social apps. However, the most recent change appears to discourage meme accounts from collecting and sharing popular memes and other re-posted content.

Instagram also experimented with removing the ‘Recent’ tab from the hashtag page, claiming that this helped users connect with “more interesting and relevant content.” Users will soon only see two tabs – Top and Reels.

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