Kia Resumes Bookings for Its Best-Selling Vehicles

Kia Resumes Bookings for Its Best-Selling Vehicles in 2022

Lucky Motor Corporation Limited (LMCL) has resumed bookings for its best-selling vehicles, which is a promising development.

Bookings for the Kia Sportage, Stonic, and Picanto were suspended last week without explanation. According to market reports, the company wanted to re-evaluate its pricing. Shortly after, Kia raised the prices and resumed bookings.

Toyota IMC also suspended bookings last week, which it resumed earlier this week. Analysts predict that several more price increases and booking suspensions will occur this year due to currency volatility and rising operational costs.

Despite the price increases, Kia’s vehicles continue to be in high demand. According to unofficial reports, the company sold well over 2,000 units, most of which were Kia Sportage.

The recent price increase has significantly increased the value of Kia vehicles, which is likely to impact the company’s demand.

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