Benami Zone Files New References to Adjudicating Authority

Benami Zone Files New References to Adjudicating Authority

Benami Zone, Islamabad, has filed two new references to the adjudicating authority in Islamabad as part of its ongoing campaign against Benami Properties.

According to details, the Benami Zone in Islamabad received a complaint that a ‘Mr. Aslam had purchased plots in the Cooperative Housing Society in Islamabad in the name of a lady.

The Initiating Officer had initiated correspondence with the society administrator to investigate the matter, and documentary evidence revealed that ‘Mr. Aslam had purchased five plots in the society, two of which were under the woman’s name. However, the female benamidar’s tax record revealed that she had not declared the plots in her name in a wealth statement.

The lady was summoned for questioning, and her legal counsel filed a notice stating that she was not the owner of the plots in question. The investigation was approved by the Commissioner IR Benami Zone, Islamabad, and the properties were temporarily attached to prevent ownership transfer.

The woman stated in her written response that the plots did not belong to her and that the actual owner was ‘Mr. Aslam,’ and she provided a copy of the allotment letter issued in his name. It was an old allotment letter that was sent to the society for verification, and the organization was questioned about who was currently the owner of the plots. According to the society’s records, the actual owner of the fields was the woman who had denied ownership.

This is a case of Benami ownership in which the benamidar was unaware that the plots in her name were owned by her. She had an allotment letter for the actions in the name of the beneficial owner, ‘Mr. Aslam,’ but was unaware of the situation regarding the plots’ ownership status.

Following the completion of legal formalities and the gathering of evidence, Benami Zone, Islamabad, has filed a reference against both plots measuring 816 and 991 square yards, respectively. The adjudicating authority will begin hearing the contact and will issue an order under the law, either holding the property as Benami property or not.

Benami zone, Islamabad, has filed and won numerous references before the adjudicating authority for cases involving movable assets where ownership of the support was denied. The current concerns are the first of their kind, involving the benamidar’s refusal to accept ownership of immovable property.

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