Netflix Has a Hidden ‘Forget’ Button You May Not Know About

Netflix Has a Hidden ‘Forget’ Button You May Not Know About IN 2022

Netflix has a ‘forget what you just saw’ button, but it may not be as easily accessible as viewers would like.

A recent tweet mentioned that Netflix has a feature that allows you to hide shows you’ve already seen from your viewing history.

To use the feature, go to Accounts and select the profile in which you want to hide your watched shows or movies. Select Viewing Activity from the Profile & Parental Controls menu. There is a ‘hide icon’ there that allows you to hide content from your profile that you do not want to appear.

You can use the ‘Remove from Continue Watching’ option for shows or movies you’ve recently started watching that appear in the ‘Continue Watching’ queue. This feature, however, is only available on a few TV apps, the web browser, and a few mobile apps.

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