Samsung Wants to Supply Hardware for Apple Chips

Samsung Wants to Supply Hardware for Apple Chips IN 2022

Apple is set to unveil its next generation of M series processors later this year. Because the M2 lineup of in-house SoCs is designed for MacBooks and other Mac computers, the company requires many of those chips.

This means that whoever gets to supply the hardware for Apple chips stands to make a lot of money. According to a new report from Korean media citing industry insiders, Samsung is looking to capitalise on this opportunity.

The Korean phone manufacturer wishes to supply Apple with FC-BGA substrates, which are required for modern high-density chips with circuit connections. Naturally, when it comes to Apple M2 production, this will result in massive profits.

According to the report, Samsung’s Electro-Mechanics division is close to agreeing with Apple to produce FC-BGA substrates for the upcoming M2 chip. It is worth noting that Samsung is investing more than $1 billion in Vietnam’s FC-BGA production facility.

In addition, the company has invested more than $241 million in its existing chip fabrication plant in South Korea.

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