For Harassment Prevention, Twitter will Recommend Third-Party Apps

For Harassment Prevention, Twitter will Recommend Third-Party Apps in 2022

On Twitter, one should feel at ease expressing their unique point of view. There must be a belief in free expression and open discussion, but this idea is meaningless if voices are silenced because people are afraid to speak up. To foster healthy debate on the platform and empower individuals to voice diverse perspectives and beliefs, we prohibit activity that harasses or intimidates others or is otherwise intended to shame or humiliate others because this type of harassment has serious ramifications.

Third-Party App Support for Reducing Online Harassment

To combat harassment on its platform, Twitter is enlisting the help of third-party developers. As part of a new experiment, the company will propose third-party moderation apps as an additional action user can take on top of the app’s built-in capabilities.

When a user blocks or mutes another user, Twitter will suggest several third-party apps. Block Party is a tool that allows users to block accounts that are likely to harass them instantly. Bodyguards can filter responses automatically. The available apps are moderate, which will assist users in controlling their mentions.

Adjustment to Already Present Feature

These tools were always available. Twitter users, on the other hand, had to go out of their way to find them and set them up. In addition to blocking and muting features, the company will recommend them in its app and website.

The change is also the latest sign that Twitter is regaining favour with third-party developers, with whom it has had a tumultuous relationship in the past. The moderation apps are just a small part of a larger collection of third-party services. Twitter promotes it as part of its newly redesigned developer platform. Twitter told the sources that in the future, it might propose more specialised apps in various aspects of its business.

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