Instagram Reels are testing a TikTok Like Feature – Templates

Instagram Reels are testing a TikTok Like Feature – Templates in 2022

All Instagram Reels users will be pleased to learn that a new feature called “templates” will be added in a future update. The part will make the Reels even easier to use. Instagram is currently testing this feature with a small group of creators. Users will be able to use the same format as other videos for their own Reels, thanks to this feature.

Instagram Reels are testing a TikTok Like Feature – Templates.

This isn’t a brand-new feature. TikTok’s element has been copied by Instagram. TikTok already has this feature in the form of TikTok Templated, which allows users to save their photos in a predefined format. Instagram Templates will also function in the same way. Instagram presets times that correspond to a song or another trend on the app, and users can add their own photos or videos to match.

This feature is particularly appealing to those who prefer Instagram to TikTok. Users are not required to switch between apps. In other words, it’s just another attempt to get users to switch from TikTok to Reels.

Instagram recently added product tagging for public accounts. This feature was restricted to creators and brands. All users will now be able to tag products in their stories.


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