Samsung is More Likely to Become An Apple M2 Chip Supplier

Samsung is More Likely to Become An Apple M2 Chip Supplier in 2022

According to our previous report, Samsung will be the sole OLED supplier for the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro. Other pieces are now circulating on the internet, indicating that Samsung is increasingly likely to become an Apple M2 chip supplier as well.

Samsung is More Likely to Become An Apple M2 Chip Supplier

Apple’s current M1 silicon is known to be used in the company’s MacBook, Mac, and iPad lineups. The company has now begun producing the M2 chip, and Samsung wishes to be a part of it. We already know that Samsung is Apple’s chip supplier. It also manufactures FC-BGA substrates, which are essential for modern high-density chips with circuit connections.

According to recent reports, Samsung will agree with Apple to produce the same FC-BGA substrates for the upcoming M2 chip. There have been no official announcements from Samsung on the subject. However, in December, the company reportedly invested 1.3 trillion won in constructing FC-BGA production facilities in Vietnam. Furthermore, in March, the company received an additional 300 billion for its existing FC-BGA facility in Korea.

Apple, on the other hand, has begun testing the M2 chip in new Macbooks. According to previous reports, the company is testing four different types of Apple M2 chips on nine new Macs. According to the report, the models tested with the base M2 chip include a MacBook Air, a Mac Mini, and a low-end MacBook Pro. It isn’t easy to find information about it. However, we will receive an official confirmation soon.

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