PSO Arranges 5 Additional Cargoes of Diesel: Ample Fuel Stocks Available

PSO Arranges 5 Additional Cargoes of Diesel: Ample Fuel Stocks Available in 2022

PSO, as the national flag bearer, remains committed to fueling the nation in all circumstances, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of fuel at its retail outlets across the country.

PSO has arranged 05 additional high-speed diesel (HSD) cargoes from March to May 2022 in response to rising diesel demand, primarily due to the harvesting season and limited product availability/imports by other market players.

These cargoes are in addition to the 11 cargoes planned in accordance with PSO’s usual market share, as committed by PSO during the Product Review Meeting presided over by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA).

PSO sold approximately 120 million litres, or 100,000 tonnes of additional Diesel, in April 2022, which is equivalent to two import cargoes. As of April 21, 2022, the company had a market share of 57.4 percent, compared to a monthly market share of 49.7 percent in the past.

According to the company, there are plenty of stocks available in the supply chain to meet the rising demand. “All of our import cargoes are arriving on time, and despite the sudden strain on PSO’s supply chain, our teams are working around the clock to ensure we meet the nation’s fuel needs,” says a company spokesperson.

Furthermore, OGRA is monitoring the overall situation regarding product availability by other oil marketing companies in order to maintain the country’s supply chain.

In a statement, an Ogra spokesperson stated that it is important to inform all stakeholders that adequate fuel supplies are available across the country. He stated that there are rumours of diesel shortages in a few areas of Punjab.

The OGRA, along with all law enforcement agencies with district management, is monitoring the situation, according to the spokesperson, who added that anyone involved in hoarding or short supply will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

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