Breaking: Four Killed, Two Injured in Karachi University Blast

Breaking: Four Killed, Two Injured in Karachi University Blast in 2022

In a blast in a van at Karachi University on Tuesday, at least four people, three of them Chinese, were killed, and two were injured, reports the New York Times.

A Chinese faculty van was reportedly blown up outside of the Confucius Department at around 1:00 PM.

The head of DIG East, Muqaddas Haider, says that three Chinese people were killed in the blast.

They were named as the director of the Confucius Institute, Huang Guiping, and two teachers, Ding Mupeng and Chen Sai, who work there. Also, the driver of the van, Khalid, died of his wounds.

In the beginning, it looked like the van was going to go to the institute after leaving the hostel, the DIG said.

He said the explosion happened on the van’s right side at the entrance to the institute, and that CCTV footage is being looked at to see if it was caused by a bomb. The bomb disposal team will only be able to figure out what caused the blast when they report back.

Police and medics came to the scene. A nearby hospital has taken in Wang Yuqing and Hamid, who was hurt in the accident.

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