Meet TPT, the Company that Made HBL PSL 7 Memorable

Meet TPT, the Company that Made HBL PSL 7 Memorable in 2022

That’s not how the HBL PSL 7 looked this year. Cricket fans who could watch the tournament live were in for a treat. The match was thrilling for everyone who saw it in all its glory, with its highs and lows.

For people who couldn’t be there and had to watch the games on TV, TPT was a hero.


Trans Production and Technologies (TPT) is the company that sent pictures of the thrilling HBL PSL 7 and the historic Australia series around the world. Surprisingly, TPT is from Pakistan.


A world-class crew put together that brought together a world-class commentary panel. This year, TPT did a great job with the show. The skill and hard work of the local camerapersons and staff members who worked all day and all night to bring the cricket festivities to us in our homes is a good thing.


Across the world, many people were impressed by how well the whole series was made.


Many big events in the country have been put on by TPT before this, like volleyball and Kabaddi World Cups, and Sindh Super Leagues (Football). These past projects by the company have been very well-received by its fans.


HBL PSL 7 has been a great success for the team. The CEO of TPT said that TPT and the rest of the team are “proud production partners” of PCB not only for HBL PSL7 but also for its bilateral games.


As he said, “The involvement of fans makes sponsors want to get involved in the games, which not only helps commercialize the sports, but also helps the players.” The whole thing is made with the best equipment and by the best people in the world.


He said that TPT’s JV partners, NEP, were one of the best production companies in the world. They would also be involved in the production of FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be held in Qatar in 2022.


Rao Usman, who works for Transgroup, a company that is an associate of TPT, said that Transgroup had been the number one sports marketing company in Pakistan for more than 35 years.


Trans group has been the rights holder of HBL PSL 7 for the last four years, and they have made a big difference in the development of PSL as a brand.


A good example of a company in Pakistan that is leading the way in sports production, broadcast, and marketing is TPT. This company is one of only a few in Pakistan that is actively involved in these fields.


There are a lot of companies like TPT that help to spread the word about sports in Pakistan, but they also help to spread the word about Pakistan’s rising arts and talent.

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