How to Find Nearby Locations That Have a Wikipedia Page 2022

How Do I Make Use of What’s Near Me?

It’s a Google Map that’s been overlaid with links to a massive number of location-specific Wikipedia articles, thereby contributing to the improvement of Wikipedia.

To Locate Nearby Locations Using Wikipedia Pages:

  • When you arrive at the site, you’ll be in Portland, Oregon, of all places. Because the site does not store your location information, it cannot automatically determine where you are.
  • This means you’ll need to zoom out before zooming back into where you want to go.
  • The entire planet is for sale.
  • As you zoom in, images will appear that, when clicked, will show you some preliminary data, such as the article title, its corresponding image, and a link to the full Wikipedia entry.
  • If you come across an especially interesting section of the map, click the share button to send it to your nearby friends.
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 Also, You can get additional information:

  • It is mobile-friendly, making it ideal for use on the go with your smartphone.
  • You can use it wherever you go
  • Because it can retrieve your location.

This isn’t the only site that works better on mobile.

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