How to Enable Resolution Mode on PS5 2022

What Is the Resolution Mode on the PS5?

  • The PS5 preset resolution Mode prioritises graphical fidelity over performance and frame rate.
  • As the name implies, Resolution Mode focuses on higher resolution and graphics and runs video games at their maximum resolution, which is often 4K for most PS5 rounds.
  • As a result, the PS5’s Resolution Mode sacrifices the frame rate by limiting it to half the Performance Mode frame rate.
  • This compromise enables you to play video games in 4K resolution and with stunning effects, such as ray tracing.
  • More on PS5’s Performance Mode and its advantage can be found in our article on why you should play PS5 games in Performance Mode.
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How to Use Your In-Game Settings to Enable Resolution Mode

In this, you can perform the following steps below:

  • Navigate to your video game’s settings.
  • Go to the Video/Graphics Settings tab.
  • Change the Performance Mode to Higher Resolution or another equivalent location.

How to Enable Resolution Mode on Your PS5 Using the Settings Menu

Through the PS5 settings, you can make Resolution Mode your default preference for PS5 games. As a result, the PS5 will automatically switch the game’s graphics to Resolution Mode, giving you the best pictures the game can display.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your PS5.
  • Navigate to Saved Data and Game/App Settings, then to Game Presets on the Settings page.
  • Choose between Performance Mode and Resolution Mode. There will be a list of options, including
  • Performance Mode, Resolution Mode, and Game Default.
  • Choose Resolution Mode.
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PS5’s Magnificent Graphics

Resolution Mode is the mode to use if you want to see your PS5 games in their best light. Though the Resolution Mode reduces your frame rate, this shouldn’t be a problem in games where quick reflexes aren’t required, especially if the game is still running at 60FPS.

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