How to Queue Downloads in Chrome 2022

In Chrome how do you queue multiple downloads?

You’ll need to download a download manager extension or software because there isn’t a built-in feature to queue downloads.

  1. After installing the extension,
  2. Go to Preferences by clicking the extension icon.
  3. Change the number of concurrent downloads to 1 in the Network tab.
  4. Instead of downloading multiple files at the same time, Download Them All!
  5. Now add the next file to the download queue, speeding up the downloads.

How to Add a File to Chrome’s Download Them All

Download Them All! Allows you to download the files in a variety of ways.

1. Using the Right-Click Context Menu
2. Using the Download Them All! Manager

1. Using the Right-Click Context Menu:

  • Right-click any download button, image, or video, hover your mouse over Download Them All!, and select Save Link With Download Them All!.
  • Fill in the blanks, tweak the download options, and click Download.
  • The fact that you can download all of the files on any web page with a few clicks is perhaps the best feature of this extension.
  • Right-click anywhere on the screen, hover the cursor over Download Them All!, and select Download Them All! to add all files to the download queue.
  • Then, select the file types and click Download. Similarly, you can download files from all tabs at once.
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2. Using the Download Them All! Manager:

  • You can also access Download Them All manager !’s by clicking the extension icon and selecting Manage.
  • Click the plus sign in the upper-right corner to continue.
  • Paste the file URL, fill out the form, and click Download.

Chrome Allows You to Download Files Effortlessly:

Downloading large files can be difficult, especially if your internet connection is slow. You can, however, make your job much easier by queueing up the downloads. Adding downloads to a queue is a breeze, thanks to Download Them All!

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