Why Video Games Should Be More Expensive

Video-Game Prices Have Failed to Keep Up With Inflation

  • Since then, the average inflation rate has only risen.
  • Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ CPI inflation calculator, you can also compare different values.
  • It’s one of the few industries where core product prices have remained relatively stable, with sellers compensating for the shortfall by offering downloadable content, season passes, or limited game editions.

 Improved Storytelling Quality and Depth

Publishers frequently force developers to shorten story lines or games in order to sell certain parts as downloadable content later on.

Players expected a massive space adventure with planet-hopping and vast open worlds, but instead got repetitive missions. Despite the game’s critical and commercial success, this was a source of contention among both reviewers and players.

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When developers know they can sell a game for a higher price, they are less likely to look for ways to remove content or parts of the core game to sell later.

There will be no more DLCs or micro transactions.

If video games are priced higher, even around the $70 or $80 mark, there is a good chance that no DLCs or micro transactions will be included, hankering back to the golden days of gaming when everything came packaged on the disc.

  • Some developers now sell full games for $60 and don’t charge anything for DLC.
  • Not every developer has the financial clout of Santa Monica Studio, nor do they have the backing of the world’s largest video game company.
  • We can expect developers to avoid using these shady tactics if slightly raised prices are.

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