5 Pakistani Cities Named Among Top Hottest Places in the World Today

As a severe heatwave grips the country, five Pakistani cities have been named the 15 hottest.

Jacobabad, Sibi, Multan, Khanpur, and Rohri are the hottest Pakistani cities at the time of writing, with extreme temperatures.

Jacobabad, according to details, has a temperature of 49.4°C and is the hottest place on the planet. Sibi has a temperature of 48.4°C and is the world’s second most desirable place.

Multan has a temperature of 47.2°C, ranking seventh in the world. Khanpur has a temperature of 47.5°C, ranking it eighth in the world. Rohri has a temperature of 46.4°C and is the world’s 13th hottest place.

Let’s take a closer look at the 15 hottest places on the planet right now.

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Sr. No. Place Country Temperature Rank
1. Jacobabad Pakistan 49.4°C 1st
2. Sibi Pakistan 48.4°C 2nd
3. Barmer India 48.1°C 3rd
4. Ganganagar India 47.3°C 4th
5. Bikaner India 47.2°C 5th
6. Jaisalmer India 47.2°C 6th
7. Multan Pakistan 47.2°C 7th
8. Khanpur Pakistan 47°C 8th
9. Matam Senegal 47°C 9th
10. Churu India 46.9°C 10th
11. Kota Aerodrome India 46.7°C 11th
12. Khargone India 46.4°C 12th
13. Rohri Pakistan 46.4°C 13th
14. Tripura India 46.2°C 13th
15. Jhansi India 46.1°C 15th
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