Pakistan LNG Receives 5 Bids for June Cargoes

Pakistan LNG Limited (PLL) has received five bids ranging from $25.89 per MMBtu to supply two spot cargoes of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in June.

On April 27, Pakistan LNG Limited (PLL) issued tenders for two spot cargoes for delivery between June 1-2 and June 28-29. In addition, three companies submitted five bids in response to the PLL tenders.

PLL had previously floated a tender for supply for the June 1-2 window, but no bid was received, so the tenders for two cargoes for the June 1-2 and June 28-29 windows had to be refloated.

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For the June 1-2 window, it has received two bids. Total Energies and PetroChina International Singapore have submitted proposals with quotes of $23.968/MMBtu and $25.77/MMBtu, respectively.

PLL has also received three bids for the June 28-29 windows. PetroChina International has offered $22/498/MMBtu, TotalEnergies has provided $25.89/MMBtu, and Vitol Bahrain has provided $22.94/MMBtu.

PetroChina International Singapore was declared the lowest evaluated bidder for the June 1-2 window, with a quote of $23.968/MMBtu, and again for the June 28-29 window, with a section of $22.498/MMBtu.

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