How to Save Images from Spotlight in Windows 11

How to Save Spotlight Pictures on Windows 11

Desktop wallpaper can completely change the appearance of your operating system. Although the new Windows 11 operating system includes some new wallpapers, there is always room for more.

How to Save Spotlight Images in Windows 11

  1. Windows 11 deletes old spotlight collection images automatically.
  2. To access the folder where Windows stores Spotlight images, you must be logged in as an Administrator or have administrative privileges.
  3. Both lock screen and desktop wallpapers are stored in the same folder in Windows 11.
  • ┬áPress the Windows Key + R button to save the Spotlight desktop and lock screen wallpapers.
  • This launches the RUN dialogue box.
  • Paste the path provided below into the Run Dialog box and press the Enter key.
  • This will open your computer’s Assets folder.
  • This folder will contain images from the Spotlight collection, but not in the usual JPG or PNG format.
  • To view the images, you must first convert them to JPG or PNG format.
  • To do so, right-click on the file and select Rename.
  • Now, at the end of the file, add.JPG or.PNG and press the Enter key.
  • Once completed, open the file in any Photo viewer.

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