Customize Your Blog’s Look and Feel with Three Different Themes for Blogger

Visitors can choose from nine different themes if they’re using Google Blogger. First, there’s the standard theme; the second is for mobile devices, and seven different dynamic views are available. Thanks to a Blogger theme modification I’ve made, this feature is now possible.
With this special theme switch, your blog’s visitors will be able to choose a more user-friendly look and feel. Learn about the mobile theme for Blogger.

How to Change Your Blogger Theme?

<select onChange=’document.location.href=this.options[this.selectedIndex]. value;’>
<option value=’/?m=0′>Default</option>
<option value=’/?m=1′>Mobile</option>
<option value=’/view/classic’>Classic</option>
<option value=’/view/sidebar’>Sidebar</option>
<option value=’/view/flipcard’>FlipCard</option>
<option value=’/view/magazine’>Magazine</option>
<option value=’/view/mosaic’>Mosaic</option>
<option value=’/view/snapshot’>SnapShot</option>
<option value=’/view/timeslide’>TimeSlide</option>
If you have an HTML/JAVASCRIPT gadget, paste and save the following code into it and use it in the sidebar.
It’s my hope that you’ll enjoy it.
Please note that while this post has been updated, it may still be out of date.

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