iOS [iPhone & iPad] Xbox Cloud Gaming: How to Play

One of the best video game consoles for streaming and playing your favourite games is Xbox. Additionally, you may use your Xbox to connect to streaming services like Hulu, Paramount+, etc. and view your preferred movies, TV shows, series, and other media.

You may have heard of the Xbox Ultimate Game pass if you have an Xbox subscription. You may play more than 100 games on consoles, PCs, and other devices with the Xbox Game Pass. In the beta edition of this game pass, a new feature called Cloud Gaming is available. You can even play Xbox games on iOS and iPadOS-compatible devices by using cloud gaming. You need the Xbox Ultimate game pass to play cloud games on your iOS or iPadOS device.

Plans for Xbox Game Pass subscriptions

The three subscription options that Xbox gives its consumers include a tonne of games and services.

  • $9.99/month for PC Game Pass
  • Console Game Pass costs $9.99 each month.
  • $14.99/month for Game Pass Ultimate
  • Xbox Live Gold costs $9.98 each month.
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Conditions for Cloud Gaming on an iOS or iPad device

You must meet a few conditions for a seamless gaming experience in order to play Xbox games on your iPhone and iPad.

1.You must have an Xbox Ultimate Game Pass to begin.

2. The Cloud Gaming feature needs dependable internet to operate games. It is advised to have a WiFi network that operates at 5GHz or an internet connection that is faster than 10 Mbps.

3.The iPads and iPhones that allow cloud gaming are

  • iPhone XS and XR
  • iPhone 12, pro, max, iPhone 11, 11 pro
  • iOS 13 mini, pro, and
  • 3rd and 4th generation iPad Air
  • iPad 8th and 9th generations. You should be aware that some games are compatible with mobile devices.
  • A controller and a backbone device are required for some games. You may therefore play games by purchasing a Backbone controller or syncing your Xbox controller with your phone using Bluetooth.
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How to Use iOS and iPad OS to Play Xbox Cloud Games

You can use the Xbox Ultimate Game pass to play Xbox game pass titles on your iPhone or iPad if you’re a fan of them.

  •  You must first get an Xbox Ultimate Game Pass.
  •  After purchasing the subscription, use an iPhone or iPad browser to go to the Xbox Game Pass website.
  • Next, log in using the Xbox Ultimate gaming pass associated with your Microsoft account.
  • Select Add to Home Screen from the Share button after logging in. A shortcut for Xbox cloud gaming will be made.
  •  Open the shortcut on your iOS device’s home screen and sign in once more.

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