On-Device Sling TV Activation Instructions

One of the well-known streaming providers in the US is Sling TV. The Live TV channel list and more affordable membership prices have made it a popular alternative to cable TV networks in many homes. Your bundle can be altered and additional add-ons added. Additionally, it has 50 hours of DVR storage. You can use the Sling TV app on gadgets like the Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Roku, Firestick, and more in addition to smartphones and the web version. You cannot directly stream Sling TV live channels on streaming devices or gaming consoles. The app needs to be activated using your Sling TV account.

Plans for Sling TV Premium

There are three different Sling TV packages. To access the live channels, you must sign up for one of the subscriptions.

  • Blue Sling TV: $35/month
  • Orange Sling TV: $35/month
  • $50/month for Sling TV Orange + Blue
  • Sling TV also offers other add-ons, such as Sports Extra, Comedy Extra, Kids Extra, News Extra, Lifestyle Extra, and others. You may add extra channels to your lineup with these add-ons.
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How to Register for a Sling TV Account

  •  Open the Try Us Today link on the home page of the Sling TV website (https://www.sling.com).
  •  Create a password and email address for your Sling TV account. The CONTINUE button should be clicked.
  •  Select the subscription package you desire now. Add the necessary add-on services to your bundle after choosing the app.
  • In the bottom right corner, click the CHECK OUT button to complete the process.
  •  Choose the Payment option (Credit Card or PayPal) and fill out the necessary information on the following screen.
  • Once the payment procedure is complete, your Sling TV will be available for streaming on the compatible devices.

Methods for Starting Sling TV

Start by downloading the Sling TV app to your device.

  • Apple TV and Sling TV
  • On the Firestick, Sling TV
  • Roku Sling TV
  • Google TV and Sling TV
  • PS5 Sling TV
  • On the Xbox One  Sling TV
  •  Go to the home page and click the Sign In option.
  • On the home screen, there will be a code and an activation link.
  • Launch a web browser on a different device and go to
  •  Enter the device’s activation code that you saw there.
  •  If you are not logged in, click Continue and enter your Sling TV account information.
  • The Sling TV app on your device will instantly refresh to show the channel lineup after you login in.

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