On OnlyFans, how to see who blocked you

OnlyFans got a particular notoriety because many people believed it to be nothing more than a forum for sexual material. But the site’s popularity increased as more well-known people gradually joined. Consequently, despite having a bad image for being difficult, it is still one of the best-paid sites for content providers.

In 2016, this platform’s online content subscription service made its debut in London, United Kingdom. Additionally, if you want to offer your fans and followers paid special content, here is the spot for you.

The site attracted notice, particularly in light of the outbreak that happened in 2020 and the rising number of sign-ups as the days passed. In any case, user involvement in the software is crucial.

However, a variety of unique and challenging obstacles are concealed beneath the glitter with which the platform is presented. As more people sign up, more individuals from various backgrounds join.
The fact that children were utilising the platform to sell sexual content and make additional money was one of the main issues. Or young individuals access the profiles of those who create pornographic content despite it being against the law. And the platform has a lot of features in place for both this particular reason and to ensure the safety of its users.

The blocking tool is one feature that aids in preventing unwanted people from accessing your account. As a fan, you could occasionally believe that a creator has blocked you for reasons that are unclear. You need to find out if your suspicions are correct in this situation. It makes sense that you don’t know how to find out who on OnlyFans has blocked you, though, considering that you’re here.
On OnlyFans, how to see who blocked you

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You must seek for clues and do your own investigation because the site doesn’t let you know when someone bans you if you aren’t already aware. We’ll go over how to find out who has blocked you on OnlyFans in this part. Examining each of them nowindividually.
Let’s say you tried to access your OnlyFans account to watch some videos from your favourite creator, but you were unable to do so.

Don’t you believe this will significantly irritate you? Since you were positive that you knew their exact username, you might be left wondering where the account went overnight.
Therefore, if you were wondering if you might validate your suspicions, it is simple to find out who blocked you on OnlyFans.

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So, you now know what’s wrong with the account if you scroll for hours and still can’t find them. You won’t be able to see their feed or material after being blocked. You just need to search for someone on the site using their username if you are unsure about them. Therefore, if you search for something and they don’t appear in the results, they have blocked you.

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