How to Use Mac Hot Corners

Configure Mac Hot Corners

  • Go to System Preferences by selecting the Apple icon in the menu bar or the icon in the Dock.
  • Select Mission Control.
  • At the bottom, click Hot Corners.
  • Except for the bottom-right corner, you’ll most likely notice dashes for each hot corner.
  • Since the release of macOS Monterey, that corner has opened Quick Note by default. You can, however, edit it if you wish.
  • The default settings for Hot Corners are indicated.
  • Select the action from the drop-down menu for each corner you want to activate. You have 10 alternatives, including launching Mission Control or the Notification Center, activating or deactivating the screen saver, and locking your screen.
  • Actions available for hot corners are noted.
  • If you want to use a modifier key, hold it down while making your pick. Command, Option, Control, Shift, or a combination of these keys can be used. The key(s) will then be displayed next to the action for that hot spot.
  • Next to the action is a hot spot with a modifier key.
  • Keep or pick the dash for any corner you do not want to activate.
  • When you’re finished, click OK. After that, you can close System Preferences and experiment with your hot corners.
  • Mac Setup hot corners with OK chosen
  • Take Actions Out of Hot Spots

Return to Mission Control and System Preferences.

  • Choose Hot Corners in System Preferences on macOS with Mission Control highlighted.
  • The Hot Corners button is used to configure Mission Control.
  • Then, for each hot corner, select the dash from the drop-down list.
  • Dashes were used to deactivate hot corners.
  • When you’re finished, click OK. You will then be returned to normal screen corners with no actions.
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What Are Hot Spots?

On macOS, hot corners allow you to perform tasks by moving your cursor to a screen corner. For example, if you move your cursor to the top-right corner, your Mac’s screensaver will start, and if you move to the bottom-left corner, your display will go to sleep.

You can also include a modifier key, such as Command, Option, Control, or Shift. So, when you move your cursor to a hot corner, you may have it demand a key hit. It prevents you from inadvertently invoking an action if you move your cursor to a corner for any other reason or by accident.

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