Whitelisting Email Addresses

Include a Spam Filter

  • Select Settings from the inbox screen (gear icon).Gmail’s Settings menu
  • Select View all options.
  • Gmail’s “See All Settings” button
  • Select Filters and Blocked Addresses from the top navigation links.
  • Filters and blocked addresses are highlighted in the Gmail settings.
  • Select Make a fresh filter.
  • “Create a new filter” is highlighted in the Gmail settings.
  • In the Search mail form, enter either an entire domain or a specific email address to the safe list. Safelist anyone from a specific company using domains. When you’re finished, click Create filter.
  • Create Filter dialogue in Gmail settings with “Create Filter” highlighted
  • Select Never send it to Spam on the next form. Finally, click the Create filter button.

How to Add Yahoo Emails to a Safelist

  • Click or tap More Settings after selecting the Gear icon in the upper right corner of your inbox.
  • More Settings in Yahoo Settings screenshot
  • Add new filters after selecting Filters from the left navigation menu.
  • Add new filters in Yahoo Settings screenshot
  • Give the filter a name and enter the domain or email address to safelist in the Add a new filter form.
  • To activate the new filter, select Save twice.
  • Screenshot of a new filter being added to Yahoo
  • The filter is now visible in the Filters window’s list of filters.
  • By default, this filter directs incoming emails from that address to your Inbox.
    Add an Email Safelist Filter
  • Click or tap Settings after selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • Screenshot of Xfinity Mail settings
  • Select Filter Rules from the left navigation pane’s Mail section, then click the Add New Rule button.
  • Screenshot of Xfinity Mail adding new rules
  • Create the Rule Give your friend a name. Add a condition and then select Sender/From.
  • Enter the email address or domain to safelist in the Contains field.
  • Screenshot of a new rule being added in Xfinity Mail
  • Keep the Add action link selected. Keep the new rule.
  • Screenshot of an action being added to a rule in Xfinity Mail
  • When you’re finished, your new filter will appear under Mail Filter Rules in the Xfinity Mail settings.
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