How to Send Text Messages in Bold Italics or Monospace on Messenger

How to Send Bold Italics or Monospaced Text Messages on Messenger

In Messenger, you can send bold, italicized, or monospaced text messages:

  • Highlight your Message
  •  Messenger Monospace Text
  • How to Bold Text in Messenger
  • In Messenger, send a code block.
  •  Use Messenger to send an italic text.

1. Highlight your Message:

  1. Messenger, like WhatsApp, allows you to send strikethrough messages.
  2. The strikethrough text represents sentence correction.
  3. To indicate that the text is no longer valid, use the Strikethrough text formatting.
  4. To strikethrough a message in Messenger, use a tilde () on both sides of the text.

2. Messenger Monospace Text:

  1. A Monospace font is one in which all of the letters and characters share the same horizontal space.
  2. To make your text easier to read, use the Monospace text formatting option.
  3. To use the Monospace text formatting, you must type a backtick (‘) before and after the text.

3. How to Bold Text in Messenger:

  1. Few people are aware that Messenger can also send code blocks.
  2. To send a code block in Messenger, insert it between three backticks (“‘).

4. In Messenger, send a code block.

  1. If you want to add bold text to Messenger, type an asterisk (*) before and after the text.
  2. Using the Bold text formatting option can help to highlight important words.
  3. Messenger will automatically format the text into Bold after entering the asterisk symbol at the beginning and end of the text.

5. Use Messenger to send an italic text:

  1. If you want to highlight specific names or phrases in a message, you must use italic formatting.
  2. To italicize text in Messenger, place it between underscore (_) and press the Send button.
  3. For instance, _Welcome to the .(Account name).
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