Zong Super Weekly Internet Package costs week

Zong Super Weekly Internet Package in Rs 200

Zong Super Weekly Deal

Enter *2# or *6464# This package has been reduced to $200 plus tax from the subscriber account.

Offer Name: Super Weekly
MBs: 4000
Validity: 7 Days
Price: Rs 200
Activate: *2#
SUB-Code: *6464#
SUB-Code: *6464*1*2*1*1#
Un-Sub Code: *6464*1*2*1*2#
Check Code: *102#

MBs for Extras

Super Weekly Bucket can be obtained by texting ‘ba‘ to 6464 for a fee of Rs 10.
You will earn 100 MBs for every 10 rupee SMS sent until the bucket runs out.

Feature: ADD ON
MBs: 100
SMS: ‘ba’ to 6464
Cost: Rs 10


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