Can I relocate my modem to a different room?

How to Determine Whether You Can Move Your Modem to a Different Room

  • Check the modem’s back for the type of connection it employs.
  • After you’ve determined what kind of internet you have, look for that type of connector in other rooms of your house.
  • If you find the right type of connection in the room where you want to relocate your modem, you can try moving it there.
  • You can leave the modem in place if the internet connection works after moving it.
  • Otherwise, it would be best if you tried another connector (likely in another room).

How to Move a Modem to a Different Room

  • Turn off or unplug the modem.
  • Remove the modem from the router or other hardware.
  • Transfer the modem to its new location.
  • Reattach your modem to a coaxial connector or phone jack, and reconnect any other equipment, such as your router.
  • Reconnect the modem to power and, if necessary, turn it on.
  • Examine whether the modem connects and whether the connection speed and quality are satisfactory.

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