The latest rumours and news regarding the Google Pixel 7, including its anticipated price, release date, and specifications

When is Google planning to launch the Pixel 7?

At the May 2022 Google I/O event, Google officially announced the Pixel 7 smartphone. On October 6, Google will host its next event, during which the company will reveal its newest Pixel smartphones.

Pixel 7 Price Rumors

The price that a company decides to charge for a new phone is determined by various factors, including the available storage capacity options, the screen size, and the brand-new hardware. We are aware that the rumored entry-level Pixel 7 will have the same screen size as the Pixel 5a, but because it will have improvements over the 5a, this cannot be used as a basis for determining its price.

Information Regarding Pre-Orders

On October 6, the same day that it is announced, pre-ordering for the Pixel 7 will begin. The link to the pre-order will be added to this page as soon as it is made available.

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Pixel 7 Features

Since Android 13 was released for use on the Pixel in August 2022, all of these changes will be incorporated into the Pixel 7 when it is initially released.

These include the Foreground Services Task Manager, which helps users better manage running services; per-app language settings; 24-hour battery usage alerts; and additional advanced privacy controls. All of these features can be found in the latest version of Android.

Specifications and Components of the Pixel 7

The Pixel 6 was the first device to feature Google’s Tensor processing unit. It brought with it many new capabilities in addition to a reduction in the amount of power that was consumed. The magazine page for the Pixel 7 on Google’s website refers to Google Tensor G2, which the company claims will improve the quality of photos, videos, security, and speech recognition.
Other improvements, such as a more reliable fingerprint scanner, a Hall effect sensor for detecting when a flip cover is used, and faster charging, are also rumored to be coming this year. This is because the Pixel 6’s slow charging has annoyed some users.

Check out the video of Unbox Therapy’s Pixel 7 and 7 Pro for a look at these phones in the palm of your hand (or at least an early developer version of one of the phones). It describes some of the differences in hardware that exist between those devices and the Pixel 6.

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