Why Is IT Important to Take Microsoft DP-420 Certification Exam to Consolidate Your Position in the Company?

Do you want to learn how to use Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB by designing and implementing cloud-native applications? Then you should consider taking the Microsoft AZ-900 Practice Test exam and obtaining the certification associated with it. This test is required for obtaining the Microsoft Certified: Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty accreditation. It validates your skills in using the Core (SQL) API & SDKs to develop applications, write efficient queries, and create correct index policies. Besides, while preparing for this assessment MD-100 Practice Test, you will develop solid competence in provisioning and managing resources in Azure and creating server-side objects while using JavaScript.

As you take the Microsoft DP-420 assessment, you will become a valuable team member in your company. Read this MS-101 Practice Test and article until the end and discover how this exam will help you consolidate your position in the organization.

Why You Should Take the Microsoft DP-420 Accreditation Test?

  • Strengthen your skills in designing and implementing cloud-native apps with Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

As you check the assessment’s blueprint, you will get a clear overview of the skills you need to develop and AZ-500 Practice Test. Therefore, you should gain competence in creating and using data models. In addition, you should learn about designing and implementing data distribution. Another topic included in the exam’s blueprint focuses on how to integrate an Azure Cosmos DB solution as well as optimize it. Last but not least, as you go through the preparation materials for the Microsoft DP-420 ExamSnap, you will also gain expertise in maintaining an Azure Cosmos DB solution.

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  • Develop an organized learning approach

You can considerably improve your chances to get this certification if you stay consistent and organized. When you start preparing for the DP-420 AZ-104 Practice Test, you will discover different materials that will take you through all the topics included in the exam’s blueprint. For example, you can access the free learning paths provided by Microsoft. You can go through various modules that will help you understand how to get started with Azure Cosmos DB SQL API. Another training option is the instructor-led training (DP-420T00) conducted by Microsoft’s top trainers. They will share their expertise in designing and implementing Cloud-Native apps while using Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB infrastructure.

  • Learn how to control your emotions

The Microsoft DP-420 certification exam represents a challenge for your ambition and motivation. As you go through all the preparation materials, you will discover that you need to set focus time to develop the required skills. Also, as you get closer to the real test, you might start to get nervous and feel that emotions overwhelm you. Having profound knowledge, mastering breathing techniques, and concentrating on the exam topics will help you cope with your emotions. Taking the main exam is a good exercise to get you prepared for more complex projects and important meetings during which you need to stay in control of your emotions.


The Microsoft DP-420 certification exam helps you become a valuable asset for your company as it helps you develop proficient skills in designing and implementing cloud-native apps while using the Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB solutions. Besides, it will help you gain more confidence in your abilities and learn how to control your emotions when you are working on elaborate projects.

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