How to Save a Webpage to PDF on Android

Must Install a PDF Viewer/Reader App

  • If you want to save the text and image contents of any webpage on the internet as a PDF file,
  • you must first install a PDF reader or viewer app.
  • Android is not natively capable of producing PDF files, and without a PDF reader app, your phone will be unable to do so.

On Android, how do you save a web page to PDF?

  • Navigate to the webpage that you want to save as a PDF.
  • On the top right of your web browser, tap the three-dot Action menu (also known as the vertical ellipsis). If
  • you use a different browser or have changed your browser’s layout, its location may be different.
  • Select the Share icon.
  • Choose your PDF app from the list displayed by the phone, and Android should begin downloading the webpage.
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Download Anything on the Internet as a PDF

On your Android phone, you can easily download almost any webpage as a PDF. The heavy lifting is done by PDF reader apps. If you prefer to browse the Internet when you are not connected, there are Android apps that save content for offline viewing.

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