How to Type Euro Symbol on Keyboard in 3 Possible Ways

It is the currency of 12 European countries, similar to the Dollar ($) in the United States. The euro symbol does not appear on any communication devices or computer keyboards as an official symbol.

Methods for Typing Euro Symbols                                                             

These are three different methods for inserting the euro symbol into your document. It is also possible to copy the character from a webpage and paste it wherever you want, but this takes time.

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1. How to Use Emojis to Type the Euro Symbol:

  • To open the Emojis list, use the keyboard shortcuts Win +. or Win +.
  •  Select the euro emoji from the drop-down menu.

2. How to Use a Character Map to Type the Euro Symbol on a Keyboard:

  •  On your Windows PC, search for and launch Character Map.
  •  Type Euro into the Search for box and search for it.
  •  The euro symbol will be displayed. To copy the mark to the clipboard, select it and click the Copy button.
  •  Copy the euro symbol and paste it wherever you want.
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3. How to Enter the Euro Symbol Using Shortcut Keys:

  •  Place the cursor where the euro symbol is required.
  •  On your computer, press the keys Alt + 0128.
  •  If the above keys do not enter the euro symbol, try Ctrl + Alt + 4, Ctrl + Alt + 5, AltGr + E (Windows), Shift + Option + 2 or Shift + Alt + 2. (Mac).

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