How to unsubscribe from emails

How to stop receiving emails

Regardless of your app, you should always be able to find a link to unsubscribe at the bottom of a mail-out.

Giving people the chance to take themselves off of these lists is required, but the removal instructions are frequently completely hidden in small print at the bottom.

However, keep an eye out for them because you can click to get yourself unsubscribed and then you shouldn’t receive any more.

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Gmail unsubscribe

  • A convenient automated feature in Google’s Gmail service moves any unsubscribe links in an email to the top of the message.
  • The link is immediately adjacent to the sender’s email address, or occasionally in place of the spam button.

iOS Mail Unsubscribe

You may occasionally see an unsubscribe option at the top of a message, just like in Gmail, thanks to a similar feature in Apple’s iOS Mail app.

When it functions, it reads “This email was sent to a mailing list. Unsubscribe”.

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