The 6 Best Sites in 2022 to Sell or Trade Used Electronics

What to Do Before Exchanging

  • It may be tempting to answer the questions on the trade-in website simply, print the shipping label, and send off your laptop, phone, or tablet to await payment.
  • That is not a good idea for two reasons.
  • First, the questions you are asked on these websites are crucial in determining the value of the item you want to sell.
  • Everything you send will be scrutinized before you receive any money, so if you provide inaccurate or downright false information, they may simply return the item and force you to repeat the entire process.
  • You’ll spend far more time doing so than simply answering truthfully and slowly the first time.
  • Another reason to take your time is that there is a large amount of personal data to review and decide whether to delete or back up before selling them.
  • If you’re selling a laptop or desktop computer and have already saved everything you want to keep, consider wiping the hard drive clean.
  • This will delete every file on the drive and prevent the next owner from accessing your data.
  • Some of these trade-in services may wipe your phone or hard drive for you, but others expressly state that you are solely responsible for erasing any data.
  • Fortunately, wiping a hard drive is simple, and you can easily reset your iOS device or reset your Android device if you’re trading in one.
  • Also, remember that any headphones, skins, stickers, or other personal items on or in the device will almost certainly not be returned to you if you include them in the box.
  • Only put the product(s) you’re selling in the box.
  • You can be paid via PayPal or direct deposit, or you can donate your earnings to charity.
  • Apple accessories, Apple computers, Apple TVs, cell phones, game consoles, gaming accessories, headphones, iPods, Kindle E-readers, tablets, DVDs/CDs, and wearables are among the items they accept.
  • You can also sell in bulk if you need to!
  • You can be paid via PayPal, Venmo, or check.
  • Phones, laptops, tablets, Apple computers, accessories, gaming consoles, cameras, and lenses are all accepted.

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