How to Make a Book Cover Your Kindle Screensaver

How Can I Get the Book Cover to Show Up on My Kindle’s Lock Screen?

You can set a book cover as your Kindle lock screen if you’re sick of the usual screensaver art or want to remind yourself what book you are currently reading. You cannot display a book cover as a screensaver on a Kindle with Special Offers. You must first pay the price equal to the discount you obtained when you bought a Kindle with Special Offers to enjoy this function.

  • On the Kindle home screen, tap the top of the display.
  • Click on All Settings.
  • Click on Device Options.
  • In the Display Cover section, please turn it on.
  • The book you’re reading will appear on the lock screen when the toggle is turned on.
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To enable the book cover screensaver feature on my Kindle, how can I unlock it?

  • Only when Special Offers are turned off on your devices is the book cover screensaver feature accessible.
  • When purchasing a Kindle, you can select Special Offers, which grants you a discount in return for enabling Amazon to show adverts on your Kindle’s lock screen.
  • You can turn off this function whenever you want by paying the total price you would have paid without the discount.
  • By disabling this function, you can set a book cover as your lock screen and have adverts removed from your lock screen.
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How to remove promotional offers from a Kindle is as follows

  • Select Kindle on the Amazon device administration page.
  • Toggle a Kindle.
  • Click Remove Offers.
  • Select End Offers, then pay the fee.
  • When you use your Kindle the following time, touch OK to finish the procedure.

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