How to Use Find My Chromebook to Locate Your Computer

Using My Google Account, locate My Chromebook

  • .You can view the Chromebook’s current position as long as it is connected to the internet.
  • Open your Google Account page on a different device, like a computer, and log in.
  • Go to the left side and choose Security.
  • To choose from all the devices you’ve recently used to log into your Google account, scroll down to Your devices.
  • The Manage devices option.

Choose the missing Chromebook.

  • You can get details about the present condition of your Chromebook on the device page for Chromebooks.
  • If Google accesses the Chromebook’s IP address, you can view its most recent location under Recent Activity.
  • Choose to Sign out if you need to secure your Google account if your Chromebook is lost forever.
  • Your Chromebook is no longer linked to your Google account.
  • Your Google account cannot be accessed without the password of anyone who can access the Chromebook.
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How to Connect to Your Stolen or Lost Chromebook from a Distance

  • Launch Chrome on the computer you wish to use to connect to the Chromebook, then go to the Google Chrome Remote Desktop page.
  • The Remote Access tab should be chosen.
  • Website for Google Remote Access that highlights Remote Access
  • Choose the blue down-facing triangle from the Set up Remote Access box.
  • a Google Remote Access page with a marked downward arrow
  • A tab for the Chrome Web Store will open. To add the Chrome Remote Desktop extension, choose to Add to Chrome.
  • To confirm, select Add Extension.
  • Add to Chrome is emphasised on the Chrome web shop
  • Select Accept and Install, then confirm by choosing Yes.
  • configuration of remote access with Accept & Install highlighted
    It will download the installer package. Open it with a double click, then adhere to the installation instructions.
  • highlighted Chrome remote desktop installer bundle
  • Select Next after selecting a name for the host computer.
  • A remote desktop showing the marked Next and Name fields
  • Select Start and enter a PIN.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop with Start highlighted and PIN entering
  • Choose the Chrome Remote Desktop extension from the Chrome toolbar to share your screen with a Chromebook or another computer.
  • Go to the Google Chrome Remote Desktop website on your Chromebook and choose Remote Access.
  • Double-click the machine where remote access is already configured, and then enter the PIN you made.
  • Choosing the arrow will connect.

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