How to Put a Pin on an iPhone Map

How to put a marker on Apple Maps

  • Maps can be started from the Home screen of an iPhone. The first thing you see on the screen is your current location, marked by a blue pin.
  • Tap and hold the spot where you want to drop a pin.
    When you click Edit Location, a satellite image of the chosen location will appear.
  • You can move the picture around to find the right spot for the pin, or you can click “Done” if the spot is good enough.

How to use your Apple Maps Pin to do more

Select Directions to find the fastest way to get there. The iPhone figures out if the location is close enough to walk to or if you need to drive or take public transportation.
Choose to Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact to send the location to a new or existing contact on your iPhone.

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How to Add Pins to Apple Maps Favorites

  • Select the pin in the Maps app.
  • Drag the Marked Location pane up.
  • Choose “Add to Favorites.” By default, the name of the place will be the closest address or landmark.

How to see your favorite places on iPhone Maps

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the Apple Maps screen to get to the search bar.
  • Click See All next to Favorites.
  • Choose a place to show it on the map. By clicking on the “Info” icon, you can change the name of the location.
  • How to Pass Pins Along
  • Tap a pin or choose one of your favourite places.
  • Drag the Marked Location pane up.
  • Choose Share.
  • Select Message to attach the location and directions to an iMessage or SMS text message.

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